if you are interested in any of these services, you can reach me through email by clicking the envelope icon in the header.
here are some of the things I’m offering :

art direction set dressing and construction, props making, scenic painting, styling, costumes, etc.

documenting w/h film, photography, articles or posts, homemade memes, whatever your heart desires
writing, translating, editing and proofreading essays, zines, thesis, insta posts et compagnie in English/Français/Franglais/Jibberish
video editing and basic graphic design needs I’m no computer king but I have sufficient knowledge to help you on both of these fronts

sewing basic needs mostly, I’m not a fashion wizard (yet) though I’ve been making clothes &textile creations since I was a wee human

cooking and baking vegan, gf, allergen-free, sugarless, water-based, bring it on

driving an often sought-after skill, I am able to drive cars and small trucks

esoteric stuff hit me up if you want your cards/birth chart read by my goofy ass

pictured below are some examples of my work as an art director for Léonard Giovenazzo’s short films:

below are props I made in the context of work or on my personal time:

here are some examples of my digital creations, some of which were commissioned :