30 minutes (basic)                                         30$
60 minutes (less basic)                                      55$

Do you want to explore your nature through an ancient and whimsical tool? Have you always wondered what your Venus is in? I can help! Let me analyze your natal chart and you’ll get some esoteric yet practical answers to your deepest questions.

live laugh love                           10$

a somewhat cynical yet most entertaining amalgam of the many ways in which we can find joy, learn how to play, and overall create meaning out of this limited material human existence.

hating myself isn’t the solution                                10$
m’haïr c’est pas la solution (2020)                    10$
a nsfw compilation of autobiographical stories and reflexions on healing trauma, getting sober, learning to trust a higher power, s** work and more.

please just hold me (2020)                   15$
a digital zine composed of poetic fragments written over years of a tumultuous codependent relationship, juxtaposed with chaotic visuals.

radical survival: six ways to stay alive (2018)                  5$
a short guide to surviving a mental health crisis, based on the author’s lived experience.

cheap spells for broke witches (2018)                  5$
a small collection of spells and guidelines to developing a low-cost witchy practice.

we or me (2017)                            8$
an ode to travels, queer love and the beauty of art, this zine contains both french and english writing. it was made of material collected over a year and a half in several countries. 

trauma timeline (2017)                    8$
an initial dive into the author’s past in search for answers, or at least a root, to their mental health troubles.

nothing is original (2016)             5$
a bilingual zine based on a Jim Jarmusch quote about the impossibility of being original, and the freedom that comes with knowing this - with a few personal stories in the mix.